Please note: We are the ONLY company that can legally offer a "powder flush" or "pellet flush".
We hold a registered patent to the technology and we have not sold any licences to third partie

Benefits of a Powder Flushing? (Simply a better clean)

- Cleans open vented (water tanks in loft) systems much better than standard power flushing can. Why?
- Cleans microbore systems much better than power flushing can. We routinely powder flush microbore systems with great results. Most power flush companies will not touch microbore systems, because they know the chances of success are low. Many of our customers have been told to replace all microbore pipes, if they wanted a working system. We can vary the sizes of the pellets used, depending on the size of pipes, so that they can work their way down all the small pipes and the radiators. We can even do “no fix no fee deals” on microbore systems, if you are in doubt. Under a “no fix no fee” deal; you pay the full amount, if we succeed and nothing if we don’t. It is a completely risk free option and much cheaper than replacing a complete system.
- 100% of the abrasive is retrieved, leaving the system completely clean. After the abrasive has done its work, it dissolves into the system water using heat. We simply turn on the boiler and all the abrasive dissolves into the water. Once flushed out the water is replaced with clean water and the system sealed.
- Hard on sludge, but safe on the rest of the system. Does not damage any part of your system.
- Can be done on any size pipe, domestic or commercial.
- Our Powder Flush machines are up to 300% more powerful than any commercially available power flush machine, making it possible for us to push through ANY blockage no matter where it is or how hard it is. The flow rates are also fully adjustable from 50lt per minute to 300lt per minute. ALL other companies use standard machines that are subject to system layout, system size and pipe sizes.
- Viable alternative to using acidic treatments in metallic systems. Powder Flush has less risk of creating leaks, over power flushing with acidic cleaners.
- Much cheaper alternative over the replacement of boilers / heat exchangers / whole system pipe work.
- Non-acidic and compatible with all plastics, rubbers and metals in systems.
- Environmentally friendly and can be safely disposed of down the drain.
- Can be used to clean individual parts like boilers, pumps and heat exchangers.

- Cleans badly sludged up systems much better than standard power flushing.




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