Please note: We are the ONLY company that can legally offer a "powder flush" or "pellet flush".
We hold a registered patent to the technology and we have not sold any licences to third partie

How is Powder Flush different?

Hard built-up of sludge in a pipe, that standard powerflushing could not clean.

Powder Flush ™ was designed to clean hardened sludge out of central heating systems, there are many instances where normal power flushing flails to clean enough of the sludge out of the system, for it to work correctly. Many older systems or systems containing plastic pipes do NOT get cleaned well enough by standard power flushing and a lot of the time, plumbers recommend replacing the whole system. With us, replacement is no longer necessary! Powder Flush was designed for the shortcomings that normal power flushing has.
Dissolvable pellets (of different sizes) gets added to the central heating water while flushing the system. This acts as a mild abrasive that harder than any sludge but softer than the metals, plastics or rubbers in the system and does NOT cause any increase in risk of leaks, when compared to normal power flushing. It will not scratch or damage any part of the system. Powder Flush can recondition pipework to almost new. Normal power flushing can only clean loose sludge with fast flowing water and chemicals and is NOT very good at loosening up or removing hard build-ups of sludge. Our custom built Powder Flush machines are up tp 300% more powerful than any other commercially available, power flush machine and we guarantee to clear any sludge blockage, no matter how bad your system is.

The sludged pipe (to the right) was cut out of a system AFTER a standard power flush was performed. The pipe was then Powder Flush for just 10 minutes, to get it completely clean. (See our VIDEOS)

.Why Powder Flush and not just power flush? (Called rolling the dice)
- Powder Flush is used when standard power flushing has failed to remove enough sludge from the system or boiler. Boiler still kettle or makes banging noises.
- Systems containing plastic or rubber pipes. Power flushing rarely work on these systems and power flush companies will not guarantee their results, but we can.
- Cleaning microbore systems or systems with small pipework. Power flushing companies will not guarantee their results, but we can.
- Reconditioning heat exchangers in boilers (when heat exchangers are full of sludge and make “kettling” noises)
- Cleaning open vented systems where the pipework / radiators are over 10 years old.
- Where there are still problems on the system with flow, when a standard power flush - or - system flush, has been performed. WE offer No Fix No Fee deals!!
- Cleaning large bore commercial / industrial pipes where replacement is not possible.

- Unblocking sludged radiator taps or pipes.



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