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The official MICROBORE GURU: (Plastic and Copper welcome)

Power flushing has a hard time dealing with microbore (pipes sizes under 15mm in diameter) systems. Many larger companies actually refuse to power flush microbore - or - they do not give any guarantees if they do. Leaving home owners with a “gambling situation”. Do I pay for something that might fail? Commonly, the recommendation from heating engineers are to replace all the pipes, a very costly proposal, that will take a long time to complete. POWDER FLUSH was designed for cleaning microbore systems. The technology has been refined and adapted over many years. We rarely fail, even on the worst case scenarios. Our results speak for themselves. (See our client testimonials)

Typical Example: Replacing all the pipes for a 10 radiator system can be well over £6000 and take 4+ days to complete. Choosing a no fix no fee deal with us, will cost under £1000 and only take 1 day. With Powder Flushwe can fix your heating problems in just 1 day, with no risk of you spending money for no results. With no fix no fee deals; if we fail, you don’t pay anything at all!

If you have microbore pipes, don’t feel that your system cannot be correctly cleaned. Powder Flush gets great results and you don’t need to gamble.


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