We are making our dissolvable pellets available for sale to engineers that want to enhance their power flush capabilities under our brand PELLET FLUSH. Power flushing has limitations and rust build-ups in older systems can be hard/impossible to remove. This is especially true with difficult parts to clean like heat exchangers, where the sludge can easily resist power flushing. PELLET FLUSH enhances your power flush by being able to target these areas with abrasive pellets that will break up and scrape off the sludge/sludge flakes. Note: By buying this product you cannot claim to be performing a Powder Flush because you are simply enhancing your power flush with pellets.
What makes PELLET FLUSH different? (See videos)
Our pellets clean in one pass, there is no waiting for it to react with the rust. The interaction is mechanical, so it scrapes and crushes the sludge as it gets pumped over/past the sludge.
Safe to use and handle - We spent years in getting the size, shape and density just right. This product is safe to use on any central heating system and all metals or plastics. It is also safe to handle, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is safe to dispose of down the drain/toilet. You don’t need to neutralise as it’s non acidic.
How to test/compare our product:
Power flush a part of a central heating system first. Use all the best equipment, technics and chemicals that you are used to. Then try our product on the parts of the system that you would consider “cleaned”. Watch the water go black!
How to use our product:
Pour into flow pipe - When fully connected onto a system for a power flush (machine should be in bath or outside for spillage) > Disconnect the flow pipe from power flush machine and let the water drain out > Pour a small amount of pellets directly into the pipe > reconnect pipe to power flush machine and turn on > watch and hear the pellets clean the system > watch the water go black. Reverse the flow and do the same, so that the pellets clean up the system's flow and return. The pellets will dissolve into the water over time, change the system water for tap water to remove the product from the system. (This is the most effective method to introduce pellets, with the least loss of product)
Pour into power flush machine – You can pour the product into the power flush machine water tank, while it’s pumping water. The pellets will be sucked into the pipes via the pump impellers. (This method will lose some product/pellets that the machine did not suck in)

Do I need a power flush machine?
For this particular product you need an amount of flow for it to be effective. That can be any power flush machine or any pump, like the system pump.
How much do I need?
You can flush just a heat exchanger or you can flush parts of the system. If you flushed every flow path individually, you would need about 1kg on average per 10 radiators.
What size pipes can I clean?
PELLET FLUSH currently comes in just one grade/pellet size and is designed for 15mm, 22mm and 28mm pipes. Smaller or large pipes is not suited to this pellet size.
Special precautions or concerns?
This product will not damage the system, you or the environment. Take basic precautions when working with central heating water, like wearing gloves and not consuming the product or central heating water. This product cannot block pipes because it dissolves in cold or hot water.
How do I remove it from the system?
Once the pellets enters the pipes they will dissolve within 3-15 minutes depending on water temperature. Once dissolved you change the system water for tap water and dispose of old central heating water as normal. No special precautions.
Do I need training to use this product?
It’s not something you need to be trained to do. If you can power flush, you can PELLET FLUSH.

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