Please note: We are the ONLY company that can legally offer a "powder flush" or "pellet flush".
We hold a registered patent to the technology and we have not sold any licences to third partie

Powder flush prices:


Prices are determined by the amount of radiators. The prices stated include all chemicals and taxes, there are no hidden extras. These prices are fixed for any powder flush work within 150 miles drive of London. We will cover up to 400 miles from London but charge more to compensate for fuel costs.

If you are not sure if POWDER FLUSH will work for you: We can offer services on a "NO FIX, NO FEE" basis, but the prices will be at a premium to the ones below. Under our "NO FIX NO FEE" deal: If we do NOT get your system working 100%, you don't pay anything at all. If we DO, you pay the agreed price. Call us to discuss your problem and our guarantees. We currently have a success rate of 90%* and we regularly work on the “worst case scenarios”. We also use other technologies that allow us to unblock pipes, without damaging your paintwork or lifting floorboards. We include unblocking up to 3 radiators/pipes in the prices below. All price quoted, are inclusive of VAT.

Guarantees: If you have a POWER FLUSH using our normal prices (below). We guarantee you for 1 year, against the pipes or radiators re-blocking.* On No-Fix-No-Fee deals, we guarantee against re-blocking for 2 years.

Methods of Payment: We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, BACS, PayPal.

Radiator count


Copper Microbore
Plastic Microbore

Normal systems, pipes 15mm+ Copper/Plastic

Pipes sized 12mm and under, run in Copper Pipes sized 12mm and under, run in Plastic (more info)



* correct for systems that have all copper pipes and do not contain any plastic pipes or rubber hoses.



© All rights reserved 2011-2017 "powder flush", "pellet flush" and "microbore guru" are registered trademarks of Powder Flush Limited. * Our guarantee excludes any heating systems that contain, any, plastic pipes or rubber hoses. Our guarantee does not extend to parts breaking/malfunctioning. These parts will need to be replaced and is not related to cleaning of the central heating system. We only guarantee pipes and radiators, not the boiler/s or heat exchangers.