Micro bore systems :

Micro bore systems behave different from any other system when flushed and should definitely be left to specialists. We do these all the time and guarantee flow through every radiator when we are done. Standard power flushing is mostly a waste of time on micro bore systems. When we powder flush these systems we use custom machines capable of 3 bar pressure which is twice that of standard power flushing machines and we use powder and pellets to get a decent clean. Even though we use all this expert equipment and technology, sometimes we still need to remove radiators to clean them individually, just to establish a flow path through them, so that we can then use the high pressure, powder and pellets to clean the pipes. We include removing up to 30% of the radiators in the property in the prices quoted for a powder flush. Sometimes we need to remove more radiators and we therefore have to charge more as the majority of clients don't need this done. There are other specialist techniques we developed and use in conjunction with a powder flush, to unblock systems, that we don’t make public so that other companies can’t copy them. We are based in London, but cover up to 400miles from it. We do charge a little extra for driving long distances but we always keep our prices realistic. Feel free to contact us at any time for more info or prices.

How are we different from standard power flushing? See our videos HERE

How to identify micro bore pipe work? Micro bore is smaller than standard pipes which are 15mm diameter at the smallest and you can use a standard sized pen to identify them. Holding a pen up the pipes going into your radiator/s; if any pipes on your system are sized very close to or smaller than the thickness of a pen – you have micro bore pipes. There is another version of micro bore that has two pipes coming out of one radiator valve on just one side of the radiator; this is definitely a micro bore system.





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