The What, How, When and Why questions:

Who are we in short?
We are Powder Flush limited, a specialist central heating cleaning company that uses a process (Patent protected) that is the most successful on the market (see videos) at cleaning central heating systems. We know this because we tend to be called when standard power flushing has already failed or our clients have been told to replace their system as there are no alternatives. This is what we do every day and we have a very high success rate, over many years. There is only one company that can perform this process in the UK and that’s us! We have our own products and our own machines and they are not available on the open market.

Is this technology known by other names?
Customers, over the years, have made some of their own names for our technology. As a result, we can also referred to as bead flush, grit flush and pellet flush.

Do you guarantee your work? YES
Normal prices (online prices) - We give a 1 year guarantee against pipes or radiators re-blocking.*
No-Fix-No-Fee prices – We guarantee our work for 2 years against pipes or radiators re-blocking.*

Why are you so much more expensive than standard power flush companies?
We use a completely different and patented technology that can clean a lot more and a lot harder sludge out of your system, much more than power flushing companies can. We tend to work on systems that are considered “impossible” to clean, like microbore and plastic pipes. We often work on systems where one or more power flushes have already failed and engineers have given up and recommended complete/partial replacement of the system. Powder Flush is not for light cleaning of a fully working system, there are 1000’s of power flush companies that can do that cheaply. We work on worst case scenarios with around a 90%* success rate and we cover nationally, that is why we charge more.

Do you just clean heating systems or can you do other remedial works?
We can also do ANY remedial works needed when we do the Powder Flush anything from changing radiators to servicing your boiler, just let us know in advance what work is needed.

When should I power flush and when should I Powder Flush my system?
Power flushing works well in certain situations, but it is a limited technology. Around 80% of our work is on microbore (pipes sized 12mm and under) and plastic piped systems. These are the systems that block up the easiest and are the hardest to unblock. Most of them were power flushed unsuccessfully or clients were told to replace all the pipes/boiler as they can’t be power flushed. There is no system that we cannot Powder Flush and we can offer a “no fix no fee” deal, if you don’t want to take a risk.

Do you just clean my system or do you try to make the system work?
We aim to get your system fully working, if at all possible. We can do any extra work needed on the day. If we need to replace a pump or valve to get it all working, we will do that. We have the most commonly needed parts with us and fit them at reasonable prices. All our operatives are registered gas engineers and can legally work on any part of your system.

I have never heard of this. Why is EVERYBODY not doing it?
We developed the technology in 2011 and have a registered patent for it. That is why only us can do this procedure and why you and other companies might not have heard of it. Some larger power flush companies, that have heard of us (because we have been published in industry magazines and have been around for years), actually choose “not to have heard of us” because they cannot compete. There is no point in calling our competition and asking “what they think of us”, they will only say bad things to try and steer you away from us and buy from them. If this has indeed happened to you, please report the company or website to us, in confidence, by using our contact us page.

Does Powder Flush cause leaks?
No, we have performed hundreds of Powder Flush procedures and leaks are a rarity. Going on our results so far, we get a leak 1 in 100 jobs (only 1% chance). Normally they are not related to our abrasive, easy to fix with little or no damage.

Does the abrasive cause damage to the boiler or other parts of the system?
No, we designed and tested this technology specifically for central heating systems and we have never had a problem with damage. The abrasive comes in different densities and pellet sizes, depending on the system, problem and cleaning required. We are experts in choosing the right combination for the job

How do you get the abrasive out of my system?
The abrasive dissolves slowly in water, we can even make it dissolve instantly by heating the water with your boiler. Once a liquid mixed with the system water, we change all the water in your system for tap water, allowing us to retrieve 100% of the abrasive.

Is it safe to use on all the different metals found in a central heating system?
Yes, it was designed and tested on all metals found in central heating systems with no problems.

Can you cause a block in my system?
Blocking a system is impossible as all the abrasive will dissolve within 30 min, regardless. Once it has turned from a solid into a liquid, it will not turn back into a solid, you could leave it in a system indefinitely and the system would work just fine.

How effective is it really?
If you think that most sludge found in a system is the consistency of toothpaste, you can understand that physical particles flowing and scraping against it at high speed, will dislodge it better than standard power flushing, with just water. Hence our technology is better at cleaning a central heating system, when compared with standard power flushing. Now think of 1000’s of pellets that being forced against the sludge at high speed, over and over. Result, are a very clean pipe! (See Video 2)

How do you definitively know that your technology is better that standard power flushing?
We specialise in “hard to clean” systems like microbore (small pipes) and plastic pipe and often work on systems where one or more power flushes have failed. We always retrieve more sludge from these systems, no matter how many times they have been power flushed before. IF our process was not better at cleaning, we would not get any more sludge out of a system that has already been power flushed, but we do and without fail.

How does your “No fix no fee deals” work?
It is as straight forward as it can be. If we agree a deal to fix your system, you only pay us, if we get the whole system working correctly. If we fail, you don’t pay at all. The only exclusion, is parts needed to make the system work (if there are broken parts) and we only charge you what you would pay for them in the shops (cost) and fit them for free.

Why do you offer “no fix no fee deals”?
Many of our clients have spent a lot of money already, on standard power flushes, that didn’t work and don’t want to risk more money for something that might fail.
Other clients have been told that their system cannot be cleaned (power flushed) and needs to be replaced. They also don’t want to risk spending money on a procedure that might fail and then have to pay to replace all the system/pipes anyway. So we offer them a no risk option on getting it all working, for a fixed price (agreed in advance), that is cheaper and much fater than replacement. With “no fix no fee” we assume all the risk of failure.

Do you only POWDER FLUSH (clean systems) or can you do related plumbing works?
Our aim is to make your system work 100% and we will do anything, within reason, to achieve that. We only book one job per day and there is no time limit. If we need to change a radiator valve to get a radiator to work correctly, we will. We can also change pumps, fit magnetic filters, make pipe alterations, change 2 port valves, change 3 ports valves, etc. as long as it is on the same day as the Powder Flush and we have enough time on the day. We carry the most commonly needed parts with us, so they are in the van when we need them. We do charge for extras, at very reasonable prices.

How do you Powder Flush a blocked radiator?
Powder Flush does rely on some flow in the pipes/radiator. We do have other technics that we use to unblock and establish some flow first,  before we Powder Flush that pipe or radiator.



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