Please note: We are the ONLY company that can legally offer a "powder flush" or "pellet flush".
We hold a registered patent to the technology and we have not sold any licences to third partie


 Ms. Jones (Gloucestershire, GL16, December 2020) Having had constantly blocked radiators for years, the gas board have almost given up on trying to unblock them, and are at the point of refusing to even try, after 20 yrs of paying for a full maintenance service. The plastic micro bore pipes are so easy to block, and the generation of thick tar-like sludge in the system is immense. Stephen’s Powder Flush system has been miraculous. He was able to remove more than 2kg of sludge, and ALL 24 radiators are now running red hot and wonderful! He said we were very close to a total system blockage. So if you have plastic pipes and having blockage problems, don’t hesitate to call in Stephen. I wholeheartedly recommend this powder flush process. 

Mr. Bateman (Arundel, BN18, West Sussex, November 2020) Our system was a mixture of plastic and copper pipes and the radiator in the bathroom had not worked for many years despite numerous plumbers taking a look. It was one of these plumbers that recommended Powder Flush to us. Booking an appointment was easy and Powder Flush arrived on time. After a long day, the job was done, the system gets to temperature with no difficulty and the bathroom radiator now works. Powder Flush were very professional and there was no mess involved. Thank you! 

Mr. Graham (Northampton, NN6, October 2020) Many thanks guys, you turned a central heating system with 17 radiators of varying sizes types and heating output into a consolidated efficient unit. Our house now has warm controllable heat which is as good as it gets.

Mr Brown (Ipswich, Suffolk, July 2020) - System:19 radiators on white plastic microbore pipes, with 4 not working correctly - Thank you for fixing my system last week. The system seems to be working really well indeed. Result: All radiators work correctly after the Powder Flush.

Mr. Ryan (Ealing, London, W5, March 2020)System: Normally sized pipes, 8 radiators Problem: 4 radiators not heating, power flushing has already failed, recommended replacing pipes – I am a plumber with over 40 years’ experience. I have never used Powder Flush before, it was always power flushing for me, but on this occasion power flushing failed. I contracted Powder Flush, who got the whole system back to full power again. The team that came out was very polite and professional, I can’t recommend them enough. I think from now on I will just Powder Flush over trying to power flushing.

Mr. Murphy (Tunbridge wells, TN2, March 2020) – System: Copper microbore, 13 radiators Problem: 2 radiators did not work, one has not worked in 10 years, recommended pipe replacement – Thank you very much and I appreciate how you professionally dealt with what I thought was a major problem.

Mr. Painter (Guildford, GU4, March 2020) – System: Copper microbore, 7 radiators Problem: Client bought a house, after moved in tried the heating system. House not getting to temperature, boiler banging, 1 radiators completely dead and rest only gets luke warm – I am amazed at the results, I wasn’t confident it’d fix it though it completely has, so thank you! It’s a huge weight of our shoulders having recently moved into a house with such a severe heating issue, as you can imagine! Really appreciate your expertise – you’re very knowledgeable in the area, thank you for answering my questions and passing on the relevant bits going forward also. I recommended you to my in-laws for their issues with their underfloor heating. Thanks!

Mr. Phelps (Cardiff, Wales, February 2020) – System: Plastic microbore pipes, 14 radiators Problem: 6 radiators do not heat correctly – Our heating system never came up to temperature. There is a mixture of copper and plastic microbe which British Gas will not touch. Powder Flush worked from 10am to 9pm and got all but one radiator working. The rest of the system and the house now gets to temperature with no difficulty. It has stayed nice and warm ever since. I am very grateful for the hard and professional work Powder Flush did, with no mess.

Mr Lampert (Watford, December 2019) - System: normally sized pipes, 22 radiators Problem: 2 do not work - Just wanted to say what a professional and effective job you did in flushing out my central heating system. I appreciate that we had a large system with three pumps. After what seemed like a long day the system worked perfectly. I was also highly impressed with Stephen's knowledge and experience and despite being more expensive that traditional power flushing systems I would highly recommend it.

Mr & Mrs Hanson (Middlesex, December 2019) - System: plastic microbore, 9 radiators Problem: 3 radiators do not work - We wish to thank you so much fir the super service you gave us with the Powder Flush. Now that the weather has changed it has come into its own and it's working so much better. We can turn it down instead of up! It has made our lives so much better.

Ms. Joyce-Allen (Littlehampton, November 2019) - System: copper microbore, 9 radiators Problem: 2 radiators do not work at all, system slow to heat, house not hot enough. Powder Flush has transformed how I can enjoy my home in the cold months of the winter, as much as in the summer. I moved into my house 6 years ago but found that I needed to use electric radiators in the colder months. Forcing me to live in the small corners of the house. I was informed that the microbore piping was blocked by several plumbing companies, but they did not return my calls to fix the problem. I found Powder Flush online and saw the video of how it would resolve my problem. The team of two, did the work in one day. The result, instant wonderful heat with nine radiators fully functioning.

Mr. Fundak (Coventry, October 2019) -System: 7 radiators copper microbore pipes Problem: Boiler locks out/stops working with f23 and f25 code. Client took No Fix No Fee option - Thank you for your recent visit to fix my clogged-up micro-bore plumbing system, which had not worked properly for several years. I'd more or less given up with it, and was seriously considering re-plumbing the whole house or going electric. Powder Flush was the final attempt to clear the system and I wasn't particularly optimistic. Powder Flush turned up exactly on time and were very professional, skilled and efficient in setting up and carrying out the procedure. They successfully fixed the problem and I was very impressed and grateful for an excellent job and will recommend them in future.

Mr. Skidmore (St. Albans, September 2019) - System: 9 Radiators, normal sized pipes, 2 radiators on plastic pipes. Problem: System not heating fully/correctly - We have been very pleased with the work done by Powder Flush. For many years we had a problem with the two radiators in the extension of the house and at the end of the circuit. Even when other radiators worked "OK" they never got as hot as they should have done. Even replacing the radiators with larger ones made very little difference. Our heating engineer said it might be worth a tying Powder Flush because he had heard it solved problems that nobody else could solve. It took them most of the day and the results were amazing. They removed a huge amount of gunk from the pipes and the radiators are now hotter than ever. A great job and well worth the money.

Ms. Cruickshank (Huntingdon, Cambridge, August 2019) - System: 12 radiators on copper microbore pipes. Problem: One radiator not working at all, some are luke warm - Powder Flush came out within 2 days of booking, we had heat restored to all 12 radiators and have had to turn our thermostat down. We had a new pump fitted and both heating and hot water is exceptionally quiet now. We are exited to see the difference to our heating bills this winter. We are so pleased and really would highly recommend Powder Flush.

Ms. Goodwin (Colchester, February 2019) We are incredibly grateful for your amazing work. As the house is so old we are very used to people telling us that things are impossible to fix because of the age of the property and we were pretty convinced that we faced the huge expense and upheaval of renewing the whole heating system. It was miraculous that, in just one day, you managed to revive the heating to a level that has got it back to a level of operation we haven't had for ages and with so little mess. The house is warmer than it's been for years and at a fraction of the cost of renewing the system. I can't recommend your service highly enough, I have already given your details to one friend and will happily recommend you to anyone in need of your service.

John and Madeleine (Cambridgeshire, November 2018) We had three radiators that were permanently cold, the rest lukewarm and a boiler that banged and clattered like there were a team of goblins at work inside it. Stephen came out as arranged, arriving promptly, and worked solidly for about five hours. Though he had quite a lot of equipment he took care to minimise disruption. When he'd finished he informed us that he'd extracted about a kilo of sludge from the system. The result was astounding - all rads nice and hot and a nearly silent boiler. Nearly a month later everything is still working well. We wish we'd known about Powder Flush last winter. It's a quality service and we would recommend it to anyone with an old blocked-up heating system.

Ms. Hunt (Maidstone, November 2018) We had real issues with blocked pipe work, the heating system had ground to a halt. We had a new pump fitted and other things by another company but they left with no idea but rip it out. After research the Powder Flush seemed a good option to try.  Stephen turned up spent a whole day working around our 11 radiators and all we can say is a massive thank you, we have a working heating system again and more heat than I can remember. Well worth every penny cannot not recommend this enough. 

Mr. Kaye (London, October 2018) We had tried a normal power flush that didn't work, when trying to fix our four radiators that were cold, but Powder Flush got them working in a day. Not cheap as I went for the no fix no fee solution at £1500, but the other solution of relaying new pipes, flooring, boiler and rads etc would have cost at least £5000,so it was a no brainer! We are now looking forward to a nice cold winter so we can hug our hot radiators!!! Well done POWDERFLUSH.

Mr. Milligan (Hove, August 2018) My heating system has a new lease on life with the removal of 2 kilos of sludge and inner pipe build up. The unique Powder Flush technique is brilliant! Stephen is the creator and patent holder for this amazing radiator cleaning system. He is very personable and so easy to work with. I am one very satisfied customer (after using Powder Flush on two different properties)!

Mr. Wyatt (Oxford, March 2018) I had a Powder Flush on my microbore central heating system (11 radiators). The system was 37 years old and had never been flushed. It was evident from the start that Stephen was professional. The flush proceeded smoothly throughout. He showed me the sludge that was removed. Thereafter the radiators heated more fully and evenly than they had previously. Soon after the flush a new boiler and magnetic filter were fitted, which required removal of a length of 28mm pipe. The bore of this was perfectly clean. Stephen also fitted a new TRV on one radiator. It was also necessary to fit two new pump isolating valves, for which Stephen had to go shopping. Nothing seemed too much trouble and his charge for this extra work was entirely reasonable. I recommend Powder Flush without hesitation. Your system will be in safe hands.

Mrs. Warren (Hemel Hampstead, January 2018) We had a situation where four of our eight radiators were working intermittently.  A friend, who is a plumber, managed to get the radiators working but only four at a time and not always the same ones.  He said he could take up floorboards to find the cause of our problem, but it was most likely gunge in the pipes built up over an indeterminate number of years.  We talked about power flushing but he said a colleague had recommended a new innovation “POWDER FLUSHING" as it had a far superior success rate.  We looked up the company together, filled in the details of our system. We were quickly contacted back with some available dates – all done on the internet simple and fast.  The engineer arrived and quickly got to work discreetly and efficiently and worked for nearly eight hours reconciling our problem.  He rid us of an estimated 20 years of waste changed over a filter and left us in a new world of heat.  The whole system has been turned down as it is working so well.  We would have no hesitation recommending not only the POWDER FLUSH system but the engineers, as trustworthy and hardworking. 

Ian (Reading, December 2017) For those of you who have found this website I was sceptical, as probably you are right now. Well here goes? We moved into our house 15 years ago and the central heating wasn’t very good. Had the system upgraded from gravity system to a fully pumped system by adding new pump, 3 port valve thermostat and timer controller. The system worked better but when we could afford it new radiators (7) and a new boiler was installed. These changed made vast improvements to heating in the house at the time of install (10 years ago). Pipework not replaced only altered. The 2 radiators in the lounge diner (last on the circuit, furthest from the boiler) have always been bad for warmth heat at best. If fact it’s the coldest room in the house especially the diner part which is good in the hot summer months but pretty bad in the colder months. I was recommended a power flush by a friend, who said it’s the way to go, which we had done and it did make a slight an improvement for a while. After carrying on like this for a few years we thought, just to bite the bullet and rip up all the fitted carpets, move the furniture into storage and have the whole house re-piped as it was the only way to be sure?! I did an online search and found POWDER FLUSH, read the testimonials which all were very positive. The process made total sense to me, but no one I spoke to had heard of it, some even warning against it. The engineer arrived bang time and commenced to the job in hand and by mid-afternoon our heating system was back online. Make sure you see the video on the process on this website. I waited 6 weeks before I submitted this review, just to make sure. There are many products and claims on the internet to improve heating etc. but this actually really works!!! The Missus is happy too, so win,win. NB. I didn’t receive a discount or have any association to POWDER FLUSH just another very satisfied customer.

Mrs. Andrews (London, September 2017) I have a large system (19 radiators) that has been playing up more and more over the past 2 years. I have had it power flushed twice and there was an improvement each time, but eventually everything stopped working and I was told to replace the whole system. After some online searching I found Powder Flush and took up there No Fix No Fee deal. It took just 1 day to get everything working like it should with no damage or mess. I would have to say I was more than impressed and would highly recommend. They are not cheap, but they did save me a LOT of money.

Mr.Harris (East Preston, BN16, January 2017) Thanks again for your sterling work on resolving our heating problem. 1st Class service ,prompt professional and courteous, highly recommended ,especially as like all testimonials before we had been quoted for a new boiler and re pipe, which was totally un-necessary, our system is working perfectly again following Powder Flushing.

Jeff & Jane (Portsmouth, November 2016) Our 8mm copper microbore system with 13 radiators and only a seven year old boiler started to fail in October-the boiler was tripping out and was very noisy and 3 or 4 radiators were not heating up properly.British Gas told us that it was a circulation problem & after fitting a new pump, which did stop the boiler tripping out, said we needed a power flush and new heat exchanger at a cost of £1450 but with no guarantee that it would work!!! After talking to three local Checkatrade plumbers, none of whom guaranteed they could solve the problems, we called in the boiler manufacturer (Glow Worm) - their engineer said the heat exchanger was ok but we needed a "magnetic flush" which they would quote for via a subcontractor. Subsequently, they phoned to say that because we had a microbore system, they were unable to quote!!! While trying to find out about "magnetic flush" online, l came across the Powder Flush website. After talking to Stephen I booked it in. He arrived, on time, three days later and worked non-stop until 5pm. The boiler is now almost silent, our hot water is much hotter and all of the radiators were so hot that we've turned down the boiler temperature and the room thermostat, at a cost of £780. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Glynn & Jenny (Warwickshire, October 2016) I am pleased to recommend Powder Flush - living in an old house with an old heating system (15mm one pipe system) which we have hand held to keep working for a number of years we were reaching the point where having exhausted other options it looked like a new system. As a last resort I contacted Powder Flush talked through the challenge with Stephen who didn't seem too phased - just over a week later the work was done - and we have to open the windows it's so efficient.

Paul (Guildford, October 2016) Thank you for coming to my home and solving the problem with my heating. I was recommended to Powder Flush by a power flush company who said he could not carry out work at my home as I had 10 mm microbore pipes. I was told a regular power flush could block the pipes and make the situation worse. The downstairs of my home was cold and the upstairs hot when the heating was on. The downstairs radiators were hot at the top and cold at the bottom. They arrived at 9am exactly on time as agreed, and didn't leave until you were happy that the job was 100% complete at around 6:30pm. They are very knowledgeable on heating systems and know solutions to the problems. It was a pleasure to have a real expert working in my house when so many other times I have suffered with tradesman just talking, but I am not convinced they know what they are talking about. Powder Flush really do know how to get a home hot again. Having to turn down the heating now!

Mark (York, October 2016) Over the last two years we had noticed an ever increasing number of our radiators stopped producing any heat, this came to a head as the chillier temperatures arrived over the last few weeks. Of the 16 radiators in our house only 4 were working (system is 10mm plastic microbore pipes) and of those only two properly. We asked a few plumbers all said that the usual power flushing was too risky as we have the thin diameter micro bore piping. Being a bit hands on I started to take the radiators off myself and flush them however after the fourth one I had made no difference at all. Reading various forums online and web browsing I came across the Powder Flush methodology, read the testimonials and thought we had nothing to lose by giving it a go.
Responses to my email and questions were really quick and polite, within a week or so Stephen was at our house and spent a day and a half working on our central heating system. This technology developed by the company is really smart alongside a man who knows his stuff led too every single radiator back working to full strength. Stephen was a pleasure, considerate, determined and fastidious. We now have a fully working, well balanced central heating system. His work has saved me a fortune.

Alastair (York, July 2016) Our experience was positive from first contact. A quick initial response followed by a choice of early dates and the engineer arrived on time, despite the distance. He was polite, friendly, informative and helpful and cleared up well. The job was clearly difficult due to the external boiler and because the 10mm microbore plastic pipe was very encrusted with hard deposits, but despite this he persevered and removed 2-3kg of deposits from the 8 radiator system. Following this all the radiators heat up evenly and to full temperature, something that hasn’t happened for a few years. We would recommend Powderflush without reservation. 

Sam (Orpington, Kent, 23 March 2016) Having just read the testimonials again after having our old central heating system Powder Flushed, i can say that they are true. For us Powder Flush worked extremely well, i can’t recommend it highly enough! Before booking the call out I read the testimonials with a certain amount of scepticism; "If this process was so good then why is it only offered by a single small business with a less than corporate website and minimal branding ?"  We decided to go with it on the basis that sounded like a sensible idea, was only £120 more than a standard powerflush quote which by their own admission had a less than 50% chance of working. Our system had never worked properly since the day we moved in 2 years ago, the radiators just didn't get hot, one never got above luke warm and the back boiler banged away like a vintage engine. Then in March it stopped working due to the boiler overheating 5 mins after first switch on. A highly recommended local plumber confirmed that it was blocked and there were two options ; Powerflush or Replace. He said powerflush is unlikely to work so given the systems age best to replace. He was quite genuine, in that they were the only two options open to them as a company and he was quite honest about the fact that power flushing was probably unlikely to work. Our dilemma was that we had already decided that we would replace the system in the next 2 years, but not yet - we weren't ready with other renovations and couldn't afford to at this time. We then did some web searching and came across this curious little website. After
reading the details we decided its probably worth a go as a last ditch effort before being forced to have to replace the system in a rush and sooner than we could realistically afford. The engineer turned up on time, was polite, clean and tidy. After the first hour he had removed over 2kgs of sludge from the system, the final total was probably nearer to 5kgs !  Basically the system had had a cardiac arrest and was totally blocked just above the pump.  The sludge had a consistency of thick semi dried toothpaste and its easy to see why a powerflush wouldn't have had any effect. The system is now fully working, all the radiators get hot and the banging has gone, the system is now pretty silent and as effective as it can be. Our house and hot water has never been so warm and we can now plan the other renovations without having to worry about needing to change the system any sooner. Can't thank Powder Flush enough for a terrific job, and that comes from someone with all the interpersonal skills of Victor Mildrew !   A thoroughly professional job!

Mr. Constantine (Kent, 21 March 2016) If you have plastic micro bore piping in your heating system and its blocked, call this company now! We have 14 rads in our house two of which stopped working in any function 5-6 years ago, and a further two that stopped working in the last month. Having been advised by many companies that power flushing is unlikely to fix the issues we had and that the only answers was to replace all the pipes at considerable expense, I researched micro bore cleaning and found this company. It took me a while to speak to a human and book a cleaning but I can hand on heart say it is definitely worth the effort. The gentleman that came was polite, courteous and arrived at the agreed time. Caution was taken to cover carpets with dust sheets to keep the house clean despite the grunge and sludge that was coming out of our heating system. After several hours of cleaning and even more cups of black coffee miracles started occurring. The two radiators that had not worked for 5-6 years were back up and running along with the other two that had ceased to work in the previous month. Our whole heating system is now up and running in full working order for the first time in years and myself and my family can't heap praise upon the company and gentleman enough. Yes it costs more than a power flush, but it actually works and costs a hell of a lot less than replacing all the pipe work that other companies would have had us do. All aspects of the work carried out were explained before and after the job was complete and thanks to powder flush we have a warm snug home again. Thank you.

Martin (Cambridge, 21st November 2015) We have lived in our home since new, nearly 20 years old, which has a micro bore central heating system. Without realising overtime the system had become less efficient & the heat output poor. The radiators at the extreme of the heating system were virtually ineffective taking an age to generate any heat. During the winter months it became difficult to utilise the conservatory due to the cold. Following the annual boiler check from British Gas we were advised that the best solution would be a power flush but in fairness told that there would be no guarantee of its success and that BG do not 'like' performing the process on micro bore systems. Next followed some research on the web and I found POWDER FLUSH. Found the video's good & the testimonials reassuring. Made contact, discussed the symptoms & booked the service for the Saturday. The engineers turned up at 9:00. Spent 7 hours cleansing the system, numerous cups of coffee consumed & the house returned to full heating! They removed 2 kg's of sludge from my 13 radiator system. What a difference, now running the boiler on a reduced setting, all radiator thermostats turned down & the main thermostat also down. Would I recommend POWDER FLUSH - Absolutely! Given the alternatives it is a no brainier. Hope this convinces you if you are unsure.

Mr. Youell (Hampshire, 20 November 2015). My system was taking up to 60 minutes to get hot. I knew that it needed cleaning and I considered flushing the system with chemicals and taking off 10 radiators and flushing them out. However, this doesn't get to the sludge in the pipes and I had microbore pipes. Looking at the time to do at least two flushes and draining down 10 radiators was not really an option for perhaps a 20% gain and not getting to main issue sludge in the pipes. I saw POWDER FLUSH online and this seemed to be what I required. I contacted POWDER FLUSH and we had a dialogue on my heating issues and symptoms. I agreed to go ahead on a “no fix no fee basis”. I had nothing to lose. Within 1 hour of starting the amount of sludge removed was staggering. Not only was the sludge removed, the whole system was inspected in a thorough and professional manner. We discovered a malfunctioning diverter valve and I had a Magnetic filter fitted for future protection. The system was completely flushed over a period of 5 hours. The radiators were balanced and at the end the result is.... the system now gets hot is around 15 minutes saving lots of gas. The boiler and pump are now silent. The engineer is extremely knowledgeable and explained the whole process in clear and simplistic terms. He made valuable suggestions that have since proved to be cost effective. He is completely reliable and arrived when we said he would and the quote was spot on. I fully recommend this process if you have microbore. There were no leaks and no issues post the process.

Mr. Hunt (Alcester, 12 November 2015). Before POWDER FLUSH visited, my system of 16 radiators was in an extremely poor state, although most of the radiators have been replaced since we moved in 14 years ago, the pipework and boiler has not been touched since the late 1970s and the number of radiators working has continually declined over the last few years until there were just 2 working properly. The pump failed last year and was replaced with a new one that struggled to barely push the water around the system at all. I was quoted over £1000 by British Gas to flush the system and even then they were not that hopeful that this would be effective as the majority of my pipes are 10mm microbore copper. After researching the effectiveness of power flushing online I came across POWDER FLUSH and immediately the concept made eminently more sense. Use an abrasive inside the pipes to scrape them clean rather than just water flow. I contacted POWDER FLUSH by email and phone and found them very helpful, responsive and we agreed a no-fix-no-fee price for my clean. This was done yesterday and to say I am amazed is an understatement!! POWDER FLUSH turned up at exactly the time agreed and ran-through the details to be carried out, then without any fuss just set up and started the process – The engineer definitely knows his plumbing, I have been trying to figure out my "Heath Robinson" system for years but he knew exactly what to do. I watched the whole process which is fascinating and to see what POWDER FLUSHING removes from the pipes, is incredible (including large lumps of excess solder and stones!!). The process is extremely thorough (no quick bodges here) and The engineer even replaced a TRV and unnecessary pipework fittings where it made improvements to do so. After a full-on 8 hours (He didn't even stop for lunch) They worked a miracle. I now have every single radiator working the way a new one should - some of which haven't worked to my knowledge for around 10 years, the pump is now running at 4 times the speed it was before and the boiler (which is almost 40 years old!) is so much quieter you wouldn't believe it. I certainly feel that POWDER FLUSH is the only way to go, they are professional, experienced, very reasonably priced considering the results and do a very high quality job. I don't usually give testimonials unless work is to an incredibly high standard so draw your own conclusions - I would recommend them without hesitation.

Mr. Watson (Bristol, 27 October 2015). Having suffered 2 years of warm or cold radiators and having "normal" gravity flushing carried out on a number of occasions to no effect, enough was enough. Discovered POWDER FLUSHING through the Power Flush Association website. As my central heating system was based on copper microbore, powder flushing appeared to be what was needed. Made contact through the quote page on website and reply received within minutes giving price and available dates. Agreed 27th October at 9am. At 9am on Tuesday the bell rang! As others have remarked he just got on the job, had 3 mugs of black coffee during the 6 hours he was here and presented a system at the end where all radiators were hot and no strange sounds coming from boiler. He also replaced my magnetic filter which had had its thread severely compromised by a previous installer and the central heating pump which was quite old (my suggestion). This was a professional job by someone who knew his trade. Would recommend without hesitation. Hot radiators again!! Thank you

Mrs. Gibbon (Scarborough, 20 October 2015). Well, to us this unique and patented approach to clean out the gunk from our central heating system with those narrow pipes (plastic micro bore) and 'creative' network hidden behind smoothly plastered walls, is just wonderful. Powder Flush shows up when they say they will, and don’t give up until every single radiator is free and working perfectly. They are also pleasant to have in the house, polite, friendly, works cleanly and totally efficient. This system is the ONLY one that works, whatever any other disgruntled or know it all plumber, DIYer or neighbour or friend says. Luke warm, cold, half cold half warm radiators fed by tiny pipes, well, it needs more than a power flush and god knows what cleaners in the system, magnetic filters and inhibitors - we've had them all, and I'd say, just let the man do his job, he knows what he's doing, has perfected his ideas and approach, let him do it, and look forward to warm and cosy winters. H&G.

Mr Philips (Sussex, 10 September 2015). I have been having problems with my system (plastic microbore pipes) for years, pumps breaking, boiler playing up, etc. I had the system power flushed each year for the past 2 years and still 2 radiators didn’t work. Finally, my plumber gave up trying and said I had to replace all the pipework, if I wanted to make it all work right. I didn’t want to spend thousands - and - have all the disruption to my rental investment.  I tried the “no fix no fee” option with POWDER FLUSH. I felt that I couldn’t lose: If POWDER FLUSH fixes it all, I pay them a quarter of what a new pipes would have cost and save a month of disruption. If they don’t fix it, I pay them nothing and replace the pipes as recommended. They arrived, bang on time, had a look at the system and started work. When they started they explained that the system was at least 80% blocked. After four hours, I was told that everything has been unblocked and should work fine on completion. Two hours after that everything was back to normal AND everything was working correctly. Firstly: great technology, it’s amazing to see how much more POWDER FLUSH gets out of a system that has already been power flushed twice. Secondly: Thanks for giving me a no risk option AND fixing it all in just one day. It was a big worry that is now gone.

Mr Charlesworth (Surrey, 4 June 2015).  We recently moved into a house with a 50 y.o single pipe system of ancient radiators which had never been cleaned out. The boiler was working overtime and breaking down, heating bills were sky high and many radiators either cold or too hot to touch. The upstairs loft tank was filled with sludge and the hot tank pump so noisy it kept us awake. So in fairness it was a genuine challenge to fix. The local reputable firm told us that a standard 'power flush' would be ineffective and quoted £2,500 to manually remove every radiator, hose them in the garden and reaffix with new larger bore pipes attached - a 3 day job. Even after this, they warned the system could not be fully cleaned and would likely clog up again so suggested replacing the whole system! I came across Powderflush online and the other testimonials sounded almost too good to be true. But I emailed Stephen who got straight back to me, confident they could do the job. He even offered a money back guarantee option. I remained a little cynical but had little to lose vs the alternative. Thank God I found him before wasting £1000s like so many others. He did the job in person and took all day. He was prompt, polite, professional, considerate, helpful, clean and kept me informed throughout. He's an expert in electrical systems, plumbing and boilers as well as the flushing process so he is ready to handle any eventuality. A huge amount of hideous, hard sludge was tidily evacuated. The system is now clean, efficient and most amazingly, it's quiet. He also gave me some great advice on TRVs and keeping the system running more efficiently. These guys work miracles. Don't look anywhere else. Whether you have real challenge or are simply looking at a standard power flush, Powderflush does a better job at better value and no one else can use the technology. If only more traders were like this.

Mr.Mahon (London, 15 May 2015) A national company, with whom we have a maintenance contract, came to carry out a “routine” annual service of our hot water and central heating system, and left us, three weeks and five visits later, with no heating in five of our nine radiators. Having carried out an ineffective powerflush, they said the only solution would be to replace our small-bore copper pipes with larger ones, a disruptive and expensive process. Close to despair, we found the Powderflush website and called to book, they came within two days, arrived on time, and carried out a powderflush. Within six hours, all the radiators were cleared. That was six weeks ago and the system has been working well since their visit. In fairness to the national company, I must report that the engineers who called were always prompt and polite, and that their accounts department has since refunded the fee for the ineffective powerflush.

Mr.T.Walker (Manchester, 1 February 2015) I had my central heating system (plastic microbore) powder flushed after 6 of the 12 radiators were not working. After a 10 hour working day Stephen got all the radiators working and the system seems a lot more efficient than before. My next door neighbour had the same problems as myself but went down the route of having all the pipes replaced which cost thousands. I am extremely happy with the service and would definitely recommend.

Mrs. Hussain-Shah (London, 6 Jan 2015) We moved into our new house in November, only to find that all but 1 of our 13 radiators were not heating up at all. We tried a power flush and after numerous engineer visits it was concluded that the entire central heating systems pipework would need replacing together with the boiler! Dreading the disruption of the carpets and flooring being ripped up I gave Powder Flush a call and they came promptly within a few days. After a quick inspection they explained all our central heating pipework was over 90% blocked, but they were optimistic they could restore the system. Stephen worked very hard and by the end of a long day he had managed to restore the heating to the entire house!! The results are amazing a warm house and a happy family. A bucket of black sludge was produced with large chunks of sediment that the power flush had neglected to shift. Stephen also took time to explain how to get the best from our boiler and heating system. I would highly encourage anyone to give a Powder Flush a go, if they are having heating problems. Stephen was also kind enough to return a couple of days later to do some valve adjustments to the radiators so that the heating was optimised in the house. After waiting almost 3 weeks to write this review I am happy to say that since Powder Flushes visit the heating is still working well.

Mr. Preston (Leicester, 12 November 2014) We have a plastic micro bore system that was running warm with one radiator that had been cold for months. The Powder Flush Company were the only one that gave me any confidence that they could cure my system, they came and worked very hard, did more than first agreed and kept my home clean all the time.  I have had a magnetic filter fitted on Stephen’s recommendation, so now my system is running hot and reliable. Thank you for your excellent service.

Mr. MacKley (Herts, 2 November 2014 ) - I have a plastic micro bore system and have had various work done to the system to get it working properly over the past 3 years, including power flushes. One by one my radiators stopped working, even after all the plumbing work. I was told that there were no answers and I had to replace it all. I called this company as they specialise in micro bore piped systems and agreed a price. It only took them 8 hours, to get it all working and I saved having to rip it all out and not having heating for 2 weeks and some money. Very happy with this company!

Mr. Hill (Kent 28 September 2014) – We had a new boiler installed about 3 years ago and it has been nothing but trouble. Had several parts replaced, worked for a bit, then we had a problem with heating and hot water being only lukewarm. Had a professional power flushing company round, because our system is apparently complicated. It has a heat store with 2 pumps. Had the whole system power flushed and had the 2 pumps replaced. All was fine for 8 months, then the same problem occurred. Heating and hot water lukewarm. Called the power flush company back, they said “system is clean has to be a part”. Had another company round to service the boiler, they refused and quoted for a new boiler because they said “it can’t be fixed”. So, I got a quote from the POWDER FLUSH people on a “no fix no fee” bases. It was a good deal: if they fix it, I pay the agreed money and if they don’t, I pay them nothing at all. In just 20 minutes of flushing, there was large flakes coming out of the boiler’s heat exchanger and 4 hours later everything was working 100%, like it was new. I honestly could not believe that the boiler just needed a thorough cleaning and that no parts were at fault. Every other company I talked to said that the boiler could not be fixed and other power flush companies would not guarantee their results. I would highly recommend this company and their no fix no fee deal!

Mrs. Smith (Oxford 2 September 2014) – Just saying thanks for bringing my microbore system back to life. I was told that there was no other option but replacing the whole system for new, as it was “too old to work on”. The pump kept on being replaced, boiler cut out every day and water was running in the loft tank. Glad to say that I found an alternative to full replacement. Thank you!

Mr.Lucas (Dartford 8 July 2014) – I am a tenant in a flat that has been having problems for 2 years. We keep on calling the landlord, which in turn send an engineer. They get things running and then it shuts back down. Our record “run” was 3 month between breakdowns. Our landlord contracted the POWDER FLUSH guys to clean the system. System got cleaned and every part of it is working, usually at least 2 radiators didn’t work at any time. I saw the rubbish that was removed and am very hopeful. I have been reassured that our luck will last this time.

Mrs. Day (Worcester, 2 May 2014) – We have a microbore system and 3 radiators were not heating up at all. I had my husband take them off and was them out, but nothing changed. We also had the local plumber change the valves, but that didn’t work and he could fix it either. We thought that it was a good idea to get it done by the powder flush guys on a no fix no fee basis, as we only pay if they can get it working. They were here as agreed and worked for 8 hours. Thankfully they got the whole system up and running and all radiators heat up now, as they should. Would highly recommend.

Mr. Sundeep (Leeds, 9 April 2014) – We have been having problems with our boiler on and off over 3 years now. Have had parts replaced and drained down several times. We opted for a POWDER flush over a standard power flush because we wanted the best chances of getting the system cleaned properly. The team from POWDER flush arrived at our house on time. After answering many questions about the problems we were having. They inspected the system and took a water sample. They reassured me that they understood the problem and will take care of it. About 7 hours and 5 coffees later, with the system cleaned and the boiler re-constructed (they fixed some issues inside) everything was working much better. They did show me what they took out and I was shocked at the amount of sludge for a system that has been drained so often. Hot water was staying hot and the radiators were much hotter than before. The radiators were also the same temperature on the top and bottom. I must say I am pleased with the result and their hard work. Thanks.

Mr.A.Cope (Bromley, Kent, 14 March 2014) - I have a system that has 50% plastic pipes. Many people might not know this but they are exceptionally hard to power flush correctly. I had some of the radiators go cold on the system, they did it one by one, with more going luke warm or cold every month. I had the first standard power flush 3 years ago, with very little in the line of results (4 still cold). The second power flush was 2 years ago and seemed to have more effect with just 2 radiators still cold, just 4 days after the flush the other 2 went cold again, as before. My wife and I resigned ourselves to having to replace the complete system as we did not see an alternative. My wife found the “powder flush” company online and I felt the process made more sense to us. I gave them a call and they were surprisingly confident on what they could achieve for us, I felt that the chances of success were high, so I would try it before I replace the system. Which is £7500 and 30 days of the house being a mess. It took 1 engineer just 7 hours to get all 4 radiators working correctly and I have never had the system run so hot, I am very impressed with this company’s professionalism, guarantees and capabilities and would highly recommend them. I did wait 2 weeks before giving them a review, just in case, but everything is still working as it should.

Mr. I Cecil (Worthing, 12 January 2014) – I was told by my insurance company service engineer that I needed a power flush, before they will change my pump. Their quote was a little high and I did some research online and found the powder flush company. Their prices were less than the insurance quote and apparently cleans better than power flushing. I felt that was two reasons to try it. I don’t have anything bad to say: the work got carried out within 3 days of booking, they were on time, very efficient and a lot of sludge (rust) came out. My system is clean, I have a certificate and the insurance company changed the pump the next day, All working fine now.

Mr. Willy Braid (Southampton, 17 December 2013) – I was having problems with an old central heating system, open vented. We have changed the pump, valves and some of the radiators and we were still having problems with the boiler banging and the pump being noisy. Every so often the boiler needed to be reset to get it all going again. I was not sure if powder flush would be the right thing for us as it is more expensive than getting a power flush. I didn’t want to risk paying twice so I got a powder flush done first. It took just 5 hours to get everything cleaned, working and balanced. All my radiators work now, the pump is quiet and I don’t even notice the boiler working.

Mr. Dan Moore (Bath, 10 November 2013) – I have a house that is only 12 years old. All the radiators worked in the beginning, then slowly got less and less hot. It also took longer for the system to heat up, over the years and the boiler as starting to “play up”. From what I could find online, I knew that microbore pipes are not easy to clean and I have plastic microbore pipes, which apparently is the hardest. Out of all 21 radiators, 3 do not work at all. I booked a powder flush and hoped for the best. The work took 12 hours to complete and fixed the 3 radiators and the boiler issue. It is good to, now, have heating through the whole house and not having to worry about it anymore. Very happy with the service.

Mr. Beasant (Guildford, 6 November 2013) – I have bought a house 6 months ago and 3 of the 9 radiators have never worked. I called a local plumber who added a cleaner and told me to “run the central heating system HOT for 1 hour per day” 4 months later, no result. Tried another plumber who took one look and said “re-pipe the system”. I gave POWDER Flush a call and they agreed to a no fix no fee deal. It took 7 hours, but all my radiators work now. Very happy with the service and result.

Mrs.Lovell (York, 2 October 2013) – We have a plastic microbore system and one by one the radiators blocked up and stopped working completely. We were down to just 7 working out of the 18 we have. So we got a power flush done by a local plumber we knew, that only “unblocked” 2 radiators and they re-blocked within 12 months. After that, we were told by 3 consecutive plumbers, that we had to re-pipe the whole system and that that was the only option we had. We found the “POWDER FLUSH” guys online and gave them a call. We agreed a "no fix no fee” deal and they came from London to do the work. It took them 2 days, but they got all the radiators working and they removed 4 kilos of sludge from our system. After having a power flush done, just 12 month before, I wonder what effect it really had, if any. If you are being told to replace all your radiators or having to replace your whole system, give POWDER FLUSH a try. With the "no fix no fee" deal they do, you can’t lose.

Mr.Harris (Cheshire, 12 September 2013) – I have a copper microbore system and have been having problems with the downstairs radiators for years. I finally decided to get it sorted after my insurance company kept recommending a power flush, so I booked them in. After waiting for 2 weeks because they were “busy” the day finally came, at least the guy was on time for 8am. He walked in the door, looked at the radiator in the entrance and said “It's microbore pipes, we don’t touch these. I would recommend you change all the pipes for standard sized ones!” and walked back out. Not having much in the line of options, I did some research on the web and found POWDER FLUSH. The prices were online and they were “not scared” of the undersized pipes, because they work on them all the time. They came out, spent 5 hours working on the system and got it all working. I am so happy that I have hot radiators again and ecstatic that I didn’t need to change all the pipes. I saved a huge amount of money, hassle and disruption to my life. THANK YOU!!!

Mrs. Tanner (London, 23 July 2013) -“After being quoted £750 by (unnamed insurance company) to power flush my house, I wanted to make sure that it would be money well spend. Did some research on the net and came up with powder flush. I was a little nervous about the effects of this abrasive on my old system, but they did re-assure me that it has been used on many systems without any problems and that it is not as aggressive as it might sound. Apparently, hard sludge is the same consistency old tooth paste. They came, they powder flushed: no mess, no hassle, no damage and the boiler stays on without tripping. It all cost £530, very happy and warm. Would recommend you to friends, thanks!”

Mrs. Pennington (Reading, 3 June 2013) - "I have had my local plumber drain my system 3 times, that didn't fix the problem. Then he tried a chemical flush, which didn't work either! After all that hassle I wanted something that will work, first time and guaranteed. So I tried a powder flush. They pumped 1000's of tiny balls around the inside of my system; you could actually hear it knocking the old sludge off. The company showed me the magnets before and after the balls went in. Before, the magnets had a fine black sludge stuck to them. After, it had large pieces the same shape as the pipes - and lots of it. Horrible to think that I had to pay more for heating my house, even better was to know that it is now gone and the system is working much better than before."

Mr. Sidhu (Leicester, 18 February 2013) - "I was told to power flush my system, so I did. It cost lots of money AND it did not make the system work, but I still had to pay for the work. Rather than power flushing the system again (not that that makes sense) I decided to POWDER flush as it was recommended for my type of system (open vented, I'm told). After only 4 hours the system works like it should and I wish I knew in advance that a powder flush would work better than trying to power flush it. Prices: The prices are not that expensive in comparison, they are even cheaper than the large insurance companies charge for a standard power flush. I would not bother getting a power flush again, it does not always work? ”

Mr. Walker (Kent, 20 November 2012) - "I was told by the gas board that my microbore system has to be replaced because it is blocked up with sludge and power flushing would be a waste of money. The cost was tremendous and we could not do with the disruption, either. After reading the POWDER flush website, I took up the offer guaranteeing the results. I am very pleased to say that; I am as happy to pay for a system that works properly as I am happy to save the cost of replacement."




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