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Why is it better to powder flush open vented systems over standard power flushing?

Because open vented systems are open to the atmosphere, oxygen is continually introduced which causes the radiators in the system to rust in the central heating water. Over any other heating systems, open vented system has larger sludge / rust problems and gets hard sludge build-up in the pipes as a result. Standard power flushing uses frictionless water and some chemicals, flowing at high flow rates around the pipes. This does remove loose sludge and some hard sludge, but it does not always remove sufficient amounts to make the system work correctly. It is normal for a open vented system to still have hard sludge build-ups after a standard power flush.

Symptoms of hard sludge build-up in open vented system:

- Vent pipe spilling water into the feed and expansion tank. This is called "over pumping" and is one of the most common faults on these systems that power flushing rarely fixes.
- Noisy pump. The pump is trying to suck water up the return pipe that always gets hard sludge build-ups. This narrows it's effective bore and causes problems.
- Heat exchangers blocked / partially blocked leading to boilers making banging noises. Hard build-ups in the flow and return pipes to and from the boiler makes it hard for the pump to move the water at sufficient speeds, causing it to overheat in the boiler and cause pressures that cannot be accommodated.


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